Train for Pole is returning soon.

I’m a complete pole junkie (and a qualified Personal Trainer), and I spend a LOT of my life (like really a lot) either training on the pole, or cross-training to improve my strength, flexibility and overall performance athleticism.

In fact, I love Pole so much that I am currently developing strength-building training programs so I can help other pole-obsessed people to cross-train their way towards a long, strong and injury-free pole life.

I’ve temporarily taken Train for Pole offline, because I’m in the middle of relocating my family internationally. I’m expecting that we’ll be fully settled in our new family home, with a stable family routine in December 2019/January 2020. I’m aiming to re-launch the new, improved train for pole website in January.

Train for Pole has been an online journal of my training (both on and off the pole), nutrition (both healthy and unhealthy) and lifestyle as it relates to pole dancing. When it reopens in January 2020, it will be an online resource to help other pole-obsessed people to build their strength for Pole in an effective and safe manner.

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