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Train for Pole is a blog created to journal my life as it relates to pole dance. Pole is my passion, but I am by no means an elite pole dancer, and at 38 years of age, I am no spring chicken. So I do the best I can. I utilise my knowledge and experience as a personal trainer and fitness professional to train effectively, in an effort to improve my performance and minimise my risk of imbalance and injury. Train for Pole is a place for me to share my expertise as it relates to the point where fitness and pole dance meet, and to help others to improve their performance and minimise their risk of injury.

Train for Pole is a website for pole dancers, but it’s not strictly a website ABOUT pole dance. I’m not here to teach you the latest tricks or combos – there are FAR better sources online for that. What I can do is share my knowledge as a pole dancer and fitness professional. I hope that the information I share here is inspiring, motivating and helpful to you, and that in return, you can share your pole journey, successes and challenges with me!

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WHy i started Train For Pole

Waaaaay back in 1997, in what feels like another lifetime, I was a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. In 2005 I tried my first pole class at Bobbi’s Pole Studio in Sydney, and I was hooked. Then, in 2008, I got pregnant, moved to the suburbs, and stopped pursuing my personal passions to throw myself into full-time parenting. 

Between 2008 and 2016, I gained a husband, 2 kids, a dog, and a new country of residence, moving from Australia to the Netherlands. I also gained 30kg.

In September of 2016 I decided it was time to make a change. I joined a gym and worked incredibly hard to lose weight, gain muscle, and turn my health around. At the end of 2017, I got back on the pole. In January of 2019 I re-qualified as a personal trainer, in February 2019 I started working as a Pole Instructor, and in April 2019 I became certified as a Pole Instructor through the highly respected Xpert Pole Instructor Training.

Now that my kids are both at school, I find myself able to once again chase my passion. I live, sleep and breathe for pole, but there’s not a lot of people in my life who share my obsession. In fact, I’m pretty sure everyone I know (except maybe my pole wife) is sick to death of hearing about pole-related topics, so I decided, for the sanity of everyone involved, to create Train for Pole.

Recent Updates

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Xpert Pole Instructor Training: A review

I'm writing this having just returned from a weekend in the UK, where I completed the Xpert L1-L2 Pole Instructor Training. When I was considering taking an accredited pole instructor training course, I couldn't find many reviews of Xpert Instructor Training, and the...

Grip aids are not the enemy. Here’s why.

Grip-aids can be a controversial topic in the pole industry. Some people are vehemently anti grip-aid, believing that it is a crutch for aspiring pole athletes. On the other side of the argument are the people who are so pro-grip-aid that they DO become dependant on...

The importance of cross-training for pole dancers

I often see pole dancing touted as a complete full-body workout. While this is kind of true, it's also kind of a misleading statement. Generally speaking, pole is an upper-body and core-centric, strength-based workout. It typically requires elements of...

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